A super-speedy Sims 3 rainbow uglacy!


And they’re back!

This time they’re going for a prettacy… with all the sliders on the lowest setting…

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10. All White Now

Oh look, it IS a white Christmas after all 🙂

Oh yeah, we didn’t have Pets last time, did we? Seeing a little white(ish) creature gave me an idea.

That’s Sheena’s LTW changed to pet rescuer, then…

Cartland is making some token attempts at his mixology LTW. Never gonna happen, but at least we can say we tried.

Seeing as there are babies (I hope) on the way, it was time to get these two hitched.

As Sheena left the hospital, Pink Windmill went in. PW’s labour was much quicker. Notice what Sheena is carrying.

ONE poxy baby. It probably didn’t help that I only remembered to spam the kids’ TV and music fairly late on in the pregnancy.

Anyway, this is Handbot Knight. His favourite colour is white, which is a nice bonus.

More babies, quickly, please and thank you.

At the same time as Handbot and Cartland had birthdays, Archbishop decided to depart. I’ll miss her, but one more space for a baby so, you know. *Shrug*. She had the good grace to make us some imaginary friend potions and get enough LTH to get that ‘inheritance’ money (badly needed as all those potions skinted us pretty quickly) so all to the good.

Oh, and I changed her LTW before she died to ‘surrounded by family’.

Whoop whoop, medium gravestone. In my revised rules for speedy legacy playing, that’s another point she’s got me – and another for her LTW.

Here’s my boy…

That’s more like it.

And here he is all grown up. My they grow so fast in a speed legacy.

Here’s Lab Coat…


And Wii

Oooh, an actual stray to make friends with!

Unlike the ones the Populouses have had, this one actually hung around, came in, hung around for days and allowed Sheena to befriend it – but however high their relationship got, she couldn’t adopt it.

On the subject of pets (well, ish), the triplets all got imaginary friends. Poor old Handbot is a lonely little fella though.

Wii’s is called Barry White.

Tipp-Ex’s (not pictured) is called Isla Wight…

And Lab Coat’s is called White Diamond

I was so close to naming her Diamond White after the cheap cider, but my love for Kylie supercedes my nostalgia for the foul-tasting booze of my youth.

Gah, I hate triplets.

Sheena is pregnant again, and I searched for our cat problem – turns out the game’s a bit glitchy so I cheated with MC and adopted it. But then that didn’t count, so I gave it up for adoption, then went to adopt from the shelter, and the Stray Cat turned up, so we adopted it back. I’m cunning that way. The old flea bag’s a pain in the butt but Sheena’s wasted so much time caring for that and neglecting her children that we had to have it in the family.

I’m not even renaming it because we’ve had it around so long.

We also adopted this little one – White Town.

I’m vaguely going for the aim of adopting white(ish) animals. I know you can change their colour, but, eh, they’re only really pawns to achieve Sheena’s LTW.

Handbot is already growing up, and he’s not bad but he’s too much of a clone of his mum.

Our maids currently SUCK. It doesn’t help when the heir plays ball with them instead of caring for his kids or improving his mixology.

I bought the cats a load of toys. I don’t really know why, given this family don’t really have money to burn.

Multiples are always a mixed blessing – a pain to care for but all the more genetic possibility, and in this final (or is it) generation, you need all the genetic possibilities you can get.

Meet Yorkshire

And Milkybar

The triplets are children now, and Wii is shaping up rather well…

Tipp-ex could do better.

Lab Coat is suffering the effects of a temporary mod glitch that meant I had troubles changing outfits, but is still a good lookin’ fella.

The twins are ageing up too – Yorkshire…

…and Milkybar.

The kids get in trouble for tending to the other kids, they get in trouble for trying to go to school and then they get in trouble for bad grades at school because they never get to go there. Generations, I hate you.

A reminder that we wish you all a Marry Christmas 😀

Nice profile you’re rocking there, Wii.

We adopted another pet – White Cliffs of Dover.

Mangy Stray Cat is Mangy.

Handbot grew up: traits = loner (which figures), unflirty, coward, friendly, grumpy. LTW = Ark Builder.

He was promptly shipped off – good, but not good enough.

Stray Cat died of old age. The family went into a ridiculous amount of mourning. They didn’t miss Archbishop this much, but a flea-bitten old mog? It was like the world had ended.

We adopted another pet, Mighty White

even though nothing can replace the loss of a manky cat we didn’t even rename.

The littlest ones got IFs as well – Jimmy White

And Meg White.

Tipp-ex is so not going to be the heir – like his brother, he looks too much like Sheena.

Lab coat, my very own Billy Idol, is much more like it.

Attagirl, Wii.

Whilst Tipp-ex and Handbot were mummy clones, the twins are more daddy. Here’s Milkybar…

…and Yorkshire. Looking good ladies, but I think Wii and Lab Coat still shade it.

Check out this profile ❤ ❤

Isla Wight became the first IF to turn real…

We adopted another pet. Its catalogue picture gave me the impression it was mostly white. It lied.

Anyway this is White Lightnin. Had to get one terrible cheap cider brand in there somewhere.

Snowball isn’t white but I got him for the name.

Which fits.

Will you lot shut up about the stupid cat already?

‘But… I luffed it. WAAAAH’.

LTW in hand, I chucked out Sheena and all the pets bar Mighty White and brought White Diamond into the fold.

Seeing as she has nothing better to do, I thought she could befriend the horse.

More birthdays! Milkybar…

…and Yorkshire. My my, those girls are fiiine.

Great profiles too, if a little similar to Cartland and Archbishop.

No thanks, creature. Been there, done that, still not sure the family are over Stray Cat yet.

Time for the triplets to age up and make me proud.

Well done, Lab Coat.

Tipp-ex is clearly getting shipped outta here.

Oooh, swit swoo.

This isn’t a bad final generation, is it?

I love this family.

The IFs are growing up too. Here’s White Diamond…

…and Isla Wight.

Mighty White got old. Shame.

What’s that, Bonnie Tyler?

Isn’t there a white Knight upon a fiery steed?

Why yes, Bonnie Tyler, yes there is.

I’m not ashamed to admit that was entirely the reason I kept the horse around after all the other pets had gone.

We interrupt this broadcast to just say AREN’T TEENAGE GNOMES CUTE?! Chimeree here is a delight to me. Kaleidoscope’s grave less so. Everyone route fails when they go near it.

The twins went to prom. I’m sort of ashamed to admit it but they’re the first sims I’ve ever had go to prom. And then Yorkshire got rounded up by the police on the way home. Whatever, game, whatEVER.

Actual prom photos! So excited! Yorkshire found herself a fella…

…and Milkybar was made Prom Queen.

I shipped out Tipp-ex and the two female IFs so I could get the other IFs humanised.

CAS wouldn’t let me recolour Barry White’s facial hair, but I think this mismatched look is kind of fetching.

And it was also time for the final kids of the final gen to age up – Yorkshire…


…Meg White…

…and Jimmy White.

With that, I declare Wii just about the ugliest – though it’s a close run thing between all four remaining siblings – and therefore, the, er, winner?

So what else do you do at the end of a legacy?

Tot up scores, I guess? The Dayes and the Kyotis laugh in pity at this:

Generations +10

LTWs +8

LTH +3 (Dark, Starfish, Archbishop)

Skills +1 (Cricket Ball: Martial Arts)

Other things I am giving myself a point for out of desperation +1 (Marcy topping the chess rankings)

Total +23

Well, that was, er…

Anyway. That’s it. The End.

Or is it?

Watch this space…

9. Pink Sunshine

Any excuse for Fuzzbox. And pink gen gave me a good excuse to use these fab T-shirts The Mare’s Nest made a few months ago. The Bagpuss ones get a bit of usage here too :).

Anyway, on with business. And there is a lot of business to be getting on with.

‘Hey Louis. I know I’m carrying some other bloke’s kid, but he was nowhere near as… attractive as you, so want to move in and make more babies with me?’

Putty. In. Our. Hands.

Unfortunately, Louis had a girlfriend. A pregnant girlfriend. But we soon dealt with that inconvenience.

And with the excavation of Pink Windmill from the womb…

…it was time for… *resists pervy joke based on the word pink*

Louis got married in. Look at these two in profile. ❤

Hmm. I’m not sure how Pink Windmill is going to turn out. Not to worry, I’m sure Louis won’t let me down.

These two really adore each other. They’re always rolling romantic wants. It’s nice 🙂

Oh look, a purple sim with a purple moodlet… OK, this colour thing is being stretched now…

I have no idea what all the relatives are over for, but I do know this… I love a basket.

Here’s HMV…


…and Prawn Cocktail

With the boys safely in their cribs, it was time to get one more pink bun in the oven.

Pink Windmill’s imaginary friend was called Pink Panther…

…but he kept glitching so a number of resets and reboots later, he ended up being called Pink Panther3.

PW herself had to grow up again at one point and I completely forgot the original hair and outfit she had.

Anyway, the boys soon grew up too. Prawn Cocktail’s IF is called Pink Glove.

Rock is promising. Here he is with his IF Pink Pound.

HMV’s is called Pink Lemonade.

‘Four toddlers and I’m pregnant again? I hate you, Rad’.

‘Seriously. I HATE you’.

No you don’t.

‘Sod. Off.’

Look at that silhouette.

Whilst her mum went into labour, Pink Windmill had the courtesy to grow up. And look ruddy miserable about it.

Stop. Baby time!

Meet Cartland

And Jem.

6 kids. Truly truly truly outrageous.

I think I’ve broken Archbishop.

More birthdays! HMV…

…Prawn Cocktail…


…Cartland and IF Pink Elephant…

(Blimey could this legacy scream ‘Rad’s formative years were the 1980s’ any more?!)

…and Jem with IF LilyThePink

I think I’ve got six very promising kids here 😀

We don’t have six IF potions, so Archbishop’s been trying to work on that as well as cope with all the nappy changes, feeds and snuggles.

This is a very, very familiar happening chez Knight.

Birthdays might feel like they roll around quickly in a speed legacy, but with all these whiny babies (and several crashes to desktop) it felt like these teen birthdays were a long time coming.

Pink Windmill has turned out pretty well, if a little too like her mother.

Would you believe I’ve been playing TS3 since it came out and this is the first time I’ve had this glitch?

I suspect the boys are trying to get in early for the heir race.

Once they’d sorted themselves out, we have Prawn Cocktail…

HMV (nice, but an Archbishop clone)…

…and Rock (an interesting mix of the two).

It’s hard to tell how Cartland will turn out.

Jem’s a daddy clone though.

We had a gnome death and a baby gnome. This is more than the Daye gnomes have ever done.

I moved Louis out once there were no longer any toddlers in the house so we could get some IFs living. Prawn Cocktail was the first who’d made good enough friends with their IF.

Pink Glove is super-cute.

Townie watch. Umm.



Hubba hubba.

When I discovered that Rock also had the option, I realised I must have more than 8 sims per household enabled.

So it was on with the IF conversions. I love my gay cowboy Pink Pound…

…and my cutie pie Pink Elephant…

…even if life in this family baffles her somewhat.

Neither HMV nor Jem are friendly enough with their IFs yet – but at least HMV’s helping with one of the (approximately) eightybillion repair jobs in this house, which is more than the repairpeople seem to bother with.

Pink Windmill grew into a YA (over-emotional, great kisser, evil, light sleeper, friendly, wants to be a super-surgeon) and though she’s nice and ugly, I have confidence there are others in this generation who can surpass her.

So I converted Pink Panther3 (absent-minded, unflirty, good, artistic, coward. LTW: Rock Star). They moved out, and soon enough were married with a baby on the way.

Oh, Rock. I know you’re totally checking out Pink Pound’s arse, but you’re still high on the list for heir choice, so don’t pin your hopes on it.

More townies!

Not a chance in this legacy, but I ❤ ❤ ❤ magicians.

Oooh, not bad.



A bunch of sims, standing about lagging the place up? Must be birthday time again.

Jem is mighty fine. But she doesn’t have much of Archbishop in her, and I do like my heirs to be a genetic mix.

Pink Elephant is too cute for words.

HMV (neurotic, couch potato, dramatic, artistic, snob, LTW: Fashion phenomenon) working the classic Knight pose.

Come on fella, let’s get your imaginary friend sorted out so you can move.

I think Pink Lemonade (adventurous, can’t stand art, perfectionist, hydrophobic, ambitious. LTW: Seasoned Traveller) is stunning.

These two are married with a baby on the way as well now.

Pink Glove (rebellious, good, family-oriented, frugal, computer whiz. LTW: Master Mixologist) is still single – for shame, Twinbrook.

Prawn Cocktail (brave, excitable, inappropriate, clumsy, artistic. LTW: Firefighter Super-Hero), on the other hand, is a player. Every girl in town appears to have sampled his, er, flavour.

Oh Rock (good, over-emotional, handy, virtuoso, party animal – master of arts). What am I to do with you?

Can I deny you a lifetime of cute with Pink Pound (loner, technophobe, perceptive, easily impressed, bookworm – Illustrious Author) and force you to shack up with an ugly girl?

Of course not.

Story Progression tells me the new Mr and Mr Knight are very happy 🙂

That means, Cartland, my boy, it’s all down to you.

I think he got the most interesting mix of both parents’ genetics, and the ugliest townies are all girls, so I’m happy.

Twin profile picspam!

You’d think with only Archbishop and the three teens left in the house that things would be easy. But no.

The kids get sent to school every morning, but they dilly dally so much they end up late. Then there’s a whole bunch of lag when Archbishop has to go through the rigmarole of telling them off. This takes so long that they miss school and she misses work. She ended up getting fired because of this.

I hate you Generations.

On the rare occasion the kids did make it to school, we had the lag you get in a town full of kids when no-one will enter the rabbit hole.

Still, it makes for good townie stalking time.

One of the problems was that everyone in town stopped ageing for a long time and only a reset everything with Master Controller sorted things out. The purple-haired girl is Sandy Blugren-Wozny, Louis’ daughter from his ex. She’s the elder sister of the twins and triplets, technically.

Zombie kid isn’t bad.

You wore that deliberately just to get in this chapter, didn’t you?

This girl is from an epic family of four sisters.

The Kyoti-Givens family are formed from some genetic experiments in my simbin that Story Progression and/or Master Controller cooked up.

The red hair seems to be the only bit they got from the Kyotis.

Any one of them would be a good match for Cartland.

Their mum wouldn’t be a bad catch either.

Whilst Cartland started grooming the youngest one…

…her older sisters were very industrious.

I love this family.

Archbishop is still working on getting us one final potion.

I don’t know why, though. LilythePink is horrible to Jem. She does something mean every time Jem tries to be friendly.

Pink Elephant had a mardy strop or whatever it is the game calls those things and wanted to beat someone up.

Poor townie kid. She got grounded for this, if it’s any consolation.

Cartland organised a sleepover. The too-pretty townie kids did their homework on the lawn like squares.

At least Jem got into the spirit.

Sheena, the littlest sister, grew up. And she grew up in a Fuzzbox t-shirt. I so picked the right one.

Unfortunately she turned teen as our teens turned YA.

If I hadn’t already done the double heir thing with blue gen, I so would have done it this time.

Jem’s a good loner, light sleeper who can’t stand art yet has a photographer’s eye and for reasons I can’t fathom, wants to be a super-surgeon.

Cartland’s also got a photographer’s eye, is an athletic, grumpy, charismatic heavy sleeper and fancies being a master mixologist, which we might actually try and achieve.

I love them both so much.

And I love Pink Elephant (vegetarian, party animal, athletic, computer whiz, vehicle enthusiast – super-popular).

LilythePink (clumsy, inappropriate, neat, artistic, over-emotional – rock star) is a big fat meanie though.

We got Sheena over to induct her into our family in our traditionally creepy way, by ageing her up prematurely and spamming her until she gave in.

Archbishop finally made a potion, so we did let Lily take it.

This was the hardest work imaginary friendship ever.

Jem couldn’t get away from her fast enough when they moved out, marrying a blue skinned townie girl almost straight away. They’ve become the first gay couple in my hood to get pregnant – if only they’d been a few generations earlier so I could use their genetics…

Bathroom flirting is a-go-go!

‘Am I a player yet?’ Given she rushed off home after this, I’d say no.

Now the town is ageing, Archbishop finally got old. She was a YA until Pink Windmill aged into one. Oops. She might make some more potions before she pops her clogs but the huge house makeover betwen purple and pink gens and Archbishop being fired has skinted us and we only have 20K in the bank. Those potions cost 4.5K a pop. Ouch.

The stabby stabby bubble is nothing to do with Cartland. Prawn Cocktail’s been working his way through the sisters (as well as half the town) and clearly Sheena’s found out. Now THAT brother is a player.

Cartland proposed. And was rejected. Twice.

I feel this is a pattern familiar to the members of the Knight family.

And let’s face it, we’ve never let failed proposals halt our pursuit of genetic excellence. Sheena (absent-minded, couch potato, brave, frugal, good – Firefighter Superhero) moved in.

Look at them in profile. This is going to be fun.

Pink bed, pink hearts, pink funtime equals one thing… the final generation is on its way. Join us next time to see just how hideous white generation can be!

8. And the Sky was all Violet

We didn’t get a great look at our indigo heir last chapter, so here he is. Isn’t he a charmer?

I think these two will make great parents.

Starfish isn’t a crash hot stylist. Although this is partly due to my own apathy/attention to things other than his career.

These two are still cuter than cute. And despite Biro Ink and Indigo Blind splitting up at the end of the last chapter, they got back together 🙂


Purple/Violet flowers to herald the incoming generation. This may be a theme.

(Although actually I think these might be the pink flowers. Oops).

I fancy me a double wedding.


If at first you don’t succeed…

Oi, Starfish! You want to get married. It is in both of your panels. Admittedly not necessarily to each other, but still.

Spam those romantic interactions like your lives depend on it.

What is wrong with you people?

Honestly, they’re as bad as Jody and Limeade. Except kind of worse, as these two don’t have insanity or commitment issues stopping them.

Pfft. Single wedding it is, then.

I love you guys xx

Grotbags is still alive. I have no idea how.

As much as I love M&S Jeans and Indigo Girl, I need room for babies in this house, and I’d like them to go and make their own.

Indigo Blind went into labour at the wedding and had a little girl, Tanisha. She and Biro Ink got married and pregnant again almost straight away afterwards and M&S Jeans and Indigo Girl are also expecting 🙂

Starfish and Ginger have, of course, been plonked in front of kids’ TV listening to kids’ music.

Hooray, new generation time!

Only twins? Pffft.

Meet Majesty


Parma Violets

I think Parma Violets are gross, by the way. I suspect they’re as polarising as Marmite (which is AMAZING).

Some weirdo lying that they were their grandfather sent them special gifts.

Parma Violets’ is called Violet Femme.

Majesty’s is called Purple Haze.

The boys are turning out rather well…

I keep forgetting Da Ba Dee isn’t actually their grandma.

I suspect Majesty’s going to look more like Starfish and Parma Violets like Ginger, though they’re each a bit of a blend.

Ginger is pregnant again, by the way.


I got them to have a quickie private wedding before they changed their minds.

Ooh, look, it’s a basket!

We interrupt this birth announcement for some birthday announcements.

Here are my two big boys.

I got Majesty to live up to his name and hold royal court. Automatic early favourite.

“I will be King of this legacy”.

“It’s not fair, Violet Femme, I will never get to be heir”

“But that’s good, as it’ll mean we can marry and have babies”

Speaking of babies, meet Victoria Plum…

V plum


…and Ribena.

“Pfft! Babies are boring! I saw this ghost once…”

“…and it looked just like an Ambitions tattoo!”


Babies are boring, but toddlers are fun. Here’s Victoria Plum, with her friend Professor Plum

…Archbishop, with friend Beauregarde

I thought it’d be funny if Archbishop’s special friend was a girl, given all the debate in the Anglican church about both women bishops and gay clergy at the moment. I appreciate the things that make me smile might be lost on people who don’t write about British religion day in day out.

…and Ribena, with friend Purple Prose *cough* never going to be heir in a million years *cough*.

I don’t understand how Ribena is so cute. The other four kids all have their fair share of the fug.

Parma Violets is a much more interesting teen than he was child.

He still has nothing on Majesty though.

The first thing that happened as the boys turned teen was the adults getting an opportunity for a free trip…

…and they didn’t take the toddlers with them. The boys both rolled up the want for a ‘teen party’.

I have seen enough American films to know this can’t end well.

That’s right, you just stay like that girls.


OK, nom Beauregarde. That’ll kill the hunger and social needs in one.

Party time!

Essentially, this is just an excuse for me to look at the teenage townies. No.

No, this is Rainbow Knights, not Operation: Population.


Only if this were an ugly-hats-acy.

Ho hum. This one’s a Knight offspring. But not exactly worthy of bringing in the ninth generation. By this stage of the game we want proper ugliness.

OK, I guess. (Also a relative)

Possible. But we’ve had a variation on that nose before (for yes, tis another relative) – and nose aside, she’s a bit face 1.

The blue haired girl is Biro Ink and Indigo Blind’s daughter, Tanisha.

“What the hell kind of ‘teen party’ has all these whiny babies? Make it stop”.

Well, as luck would have it, the party coincided with the girls’ birthdays. Archbishop is the most promising.

Victoria Plum isn’t too bad, but is almost certainly a spare.

I’m beginning to question Ribena’s parentage though.

Awww, the boys are good big brothers really.

The uncomfortable moment when you realise you don’t have enough beds for everyone.

Time for cuteness picspam…

Obligatory shot of the triplets together.

Da Ba Dee isn’t a brilliant grandparent. She never rolled up any wants to be one, and has never met any of her four grandchildren (all Biro Ink and Indigo Blind’s – Belinda has dalliances with men but has never settled). Yet, she does want to boast about them from time to time. Those are not photos of your grandkids, Da, you’ve never met them.

Until now. Darla is Biro Ink’s youngest.

And Maryann is the little sister of the “best” looking teen. She looks potentially more interesting. Oh yes, Ginger works in Daycare – but having been on maternity up until now, this is her first shift.

More townie kids!


M&S Jeans and Indigo Girl’s eldest.

Oh look, Majesty’s in his snazzy formal gear! That must mean….

Birthday time!

I wasn’t expecting Ribena to have Ginger’s nose, but she’s still too pretty.

Victoria Plum is pleasingly sullen but still very mid-table in terms of this gen.

Archbishop is definitely the most interesting girl. However, her front view doesn’t show off her full beauty. Wait until you see her in profile.

Parma Violets turned out rather well (Loner, Technophobe, Hydrophobe, Loves the Outdoors, Childish. LTW: Monster Maker), and I’d like to ship him out with Violet Femme. Da Ba Dee made enough potions for all the imaginary friends, but we can’t use any of them, as she is still clogging up a space in the house. This is ridiculous. Indigo gen are all elderly now, why is she still alive?

In case Maryann becomes a ‘stunner’, it’d be a good idea for us to get to know her more, so I had Archbishop teach her to talk to build up their friendship. Sneaky little hobbitses we are.

Majesty (Perfectionist, Hates the Outdoors, Friendly, Ambitious, Unlucky. LTW: Master Mixologist) is still a fine specimen, if a little too similar to Facebook and Starfish.

Ugh. This house is disgusting. I must check if our maids actually clean. And build more bathrooms.

Graduation time!

Interesting choice of headgear, Parma Violets.

Starfish actually cried. The big wuss.

Parma Violets was voted ‘most likely to never leave the house’ despite him loving the outdoors. His outdoors hating brother was voted ‘most likely to burn down own house’. That could be true.

At long last. 36 days old! That’s 10 days over the lifespan.

Now we can get this show on the road…

Violet Femme (Dramatic, Hydrophobic, Friendly, Vegetarian, Snob. LTW: CEO) is adorable, even if the Imaginary Friends are all a bit Face One. I moved her and Parma Volets out, as friends, but they quickly got married and are expecting a baby. Sweet.

I sent Ginger off as well. She was at the end of her life bar, but seeing how long Da Ba Dee lasted, I can’t trust that, and there are four more imaginary friends I want to make human.

Majesty greeted Purple Haze’s ageing up with so much excitement…

…that he wet himself.

Why, hello pretty lady. (Neurotic, Star Quality, Genius, Nurturing, Angler. LTW: Perfect mind, Perfect body)

Have a nice life in story progression!

With three spaces in the house we should be able to meet all the girls’ imaginary friends. Professor Plum and Victoria Plum were the only ones who were close enough though.

Aww, I love him.

Oh look – purple flowers for purple generation.


Everyone loves the water slides and always rolls up wants for them – despite half the household being hydrophobic and getting negative moodlets from them. Weirdos.

Maryann became a child so we invited her over for Majesty to stand in his pants assessing whether or not she might become a suitable partner. There is nothing at all dodgy about a grown man in his pants grooming a little girl. Oh.

Kaleidoscope got old.

Majesty wants to be a master mixologist. He’s not very good at it.

Ribena and Purple Prose got their relationship high enough to make him human.


If I was doing a prettacy.

“Why flowers in the colour of my generation! How surprising!”

A teen wedding? Sure, let’s go there.

“What have I just agreed to?”

“Think I’m just going to go play in the sand and ignore what’s about to happen…”

Because what’s happening is Ribena’s hen do… with two strippers! (As usual, no-one cared)

The bride-to-be snuck out early to go to sleep. Aww.

These two are still not best friends despite spending every moment together.

Way to make sure the world learns of your pregnancy, Violet Femme.

“So my uncles and their imaginary friends have 6 kids between them, my brother’s imaginary friend is puking in our bathroom, and my sister’s about to marry hers. This is… kinda awkward”.

Oh yeah, Ginger died.


She’s feisty.

The teen wedding occurred, on the morning of the day the kids were all due to age up.

Starfish died after seeing his daughter wed. Pretty prompt, too, at 27 days.

He’s only my second-ever Knight to get a medium gravestone. This is only because I changed his LTW to ‘surrounded by family’ after the girls were born.

Look at Archbishop’s profile. Isn’t it something? We aged up Maryann (opposite) and despite her nose, she’s far too pretty. Disappointing.

The heirship is essentially between Majesty and Archbishop. I love them both, so I think it’s all going to depend on the suitable mates around town. I toyed with double heirs again, but it’d be a bit soon after blue gen.

These are M&S Jeans and Indigo Girl’s kids. I forget their names.

The Plums went on a romantic date… to the graveyard.

My town has been feeling a bit small of late, and so I checked the demographics. Master controller claimed it had 41 residents. Bear in mind that this means 10% of the town were Biro Ink and Indigo Blind’s kids, and over 20% were purple gen and their imaginary friends. So I fiddled with my immigration settings in Story Progression and a whole load of new folk moved in. Hurrah! I sent Majesty and Archbishop to see what was going on, and found this lady entertaining Majesty with a ghost story.



Pretty good, but I suspect the hair is making him seem more ugly than he really is, and he’s married with a baby on the way.

This one has potential, but again is married. Not that this tends to stop me.

Just too cute.

Everyone became YAs. Beauregarde wants to Live in the Lap of Luxury and is a technophobic, kleptomaniac, good, easily impressed hater of nudity.

Victoria Plum is easily impressed, a savvy sculptor, hydrophobic, vegetarian whose fifth trait looks like scribble on my crib sheet. Oops. She wants to be a Surgeon.

Ribena wants to be a Rock Star. (Hydrophobe, Slob, Friendly, Nurturing, Never Nude)

Prof Plum would like to be a Star News Anchor. (Loner, Heavy Sleeper, Daredevil, Lucky, something that looks like “Gleisse” – my handwriting sucks).

Archbishop wants to master the arts (Unflirty, Genius, Good, Dramatic, Technophobe) whilst Purple Prose (Good, Vegetarian, Light Sleeper, Good Sense of Humour, Coward) wants to be a DNA whatchamacallit.

I sent everyone except Archbishop and Majesty packing, and Ribena and Victoria Plum got pregnant almost straight away.

Archbishop… you’re kind of freaking me out.

Majesty’s a full-blown adult now, and while he was grieving his lookalike dad, I realised that while I adore him, he looks a bit too much like the previous two male heirs, and there are no really ugly women in town.

I checked the family tree to see how ugly its branches were, and located the most ugly man in town. I think he’s called Richard. Or something. I sent Archbishop down to his workplace, the military base, to get acquainted.

Don’t look so disgusted with yourself, you’re pregnant! It’s a wonderful thing.

He’s your great-great uncle Slimer’s grandson. It’s not that close a relation.

However, I feel I may have been too presumptuous letting him be the babydaddy…

…because I then got a pop-up informing me that this fine specimen had moved to town.

Being married already and only just acquainted with Archbishop, he rejected her gift of a piece of fruit. But he will be ours, we have the whole of her first pregnancy to work on it.

With that, I let Majesty go to try and have some semblance of a life.

I love you. I will miss you so much.

For the first time since Dark, I have a one-sim household. But not for long! Join us next time to see how ugly Pink gen can get and whether they will be up to the task of getting me a hideous final generation…

Generations +8

LTWs +6

LTH +2 (Dark, Starfish)

Skills +1 (Cricket Ball: Martial Arts)

Other things I am giving myself a point for out of desperation +1 (Marcy topping the chess rankings)

Total +18

7. Indigo here we go-o

Last time we saw the Knights, they didn’t have Generations. Now they do, so expect EP spam.

Da Be Dee and Kari went into labour at pretty much the same time.

Oh yay, memories! *Sarcastic thumbs-up*

This is Biro Ink.

And this little man, performing the rather creepy new animation for babies in buggies, is M&S Jeans.

(For non-Brits, the denim range at Marks and Spencer is called Indigo)

Facebook and Kari went straight to work on conceiving another Indigo baby.

Da Ba Dee went straight to work on making another relative (Jennifer) count towards her LTW total.

No sooner was Kari’s oven “bunned” than Facebook was out seducing the elderly.

No, this is not Facebook’s baby photo sneaking back in, this is M&S Jeans pre-makeover.

Here he is in all his glory. The two boys got “special toys” in the post.

M&S Jeans’ is called Indigo Girl

Biro Ink’s is called Indigo Blind

When they sing to their toys, it is the cutest thing EVER.

Oh Facebook, I know you want to complete your LTW, and I know this town likes to keep things familiar, but your mother is NOT a suitable candidate.

Also of note: Limeade is trying a stink juice potion. It made her smell. Oh, and Jody died. *Shrugs*.

“I don’t want to get married”.

Er, good. Because you weren’t actually going to.

I was hoping to snag this guy’s genes for my legacy.

“Aw, but I was hoping to marry into pink gen”

Neither of us had any such luck – he died later that day.

I sent Da Ba Dee and Facebook to the military base to see if they could get lucky.

Biro Ink’s dad was there. Whatshisname: ‘Oh yeah, I tapped that’.

I invited er, this other bloke. I figured they could both have a pop on him.

He genuinely is the ugliest man who isn’t a close relative. My town, it disappoints. Still – he managed to father another indigo baby for me.

Facebook “My turn now? I am ever so sexy, yaknow”

“Knocked myself up a Knight. Gonna go home now, kthnxbai”

The best laid plans…

I sent him to the gym instead where he picked up Da Ba Dee’s cousiny cast-offs

Looks very uncomfortable, but who cares? ANOTHER LTW IN THE BAG!

Da Ba Dee decided to go for the same approach…

For those who are counting, this is her fifth conquest.

Apparently the game wasn’t counting, though, as her LTW didn’t fulfil.

Jennifer: “Check me out, I scored with two members of my own family. That makes me a LEGEND as far as Twinbrook is concerned”.

We interrupt Blue Gen to come back to the focus of this chapter – more indigo kidlets! This is Starfish.

Notice how Kari isn’t in blue maternity gear? This is because I found her so incredibly boring I couldn’t be bothered watching anything she did.

The boys had their birthdays. Here’s Biro Ink…

And M&S Jeans

“Why is the bathroom broken AGAIN?”

I don’t know, but I suspect it’ll be your father as usual.

Biro Ink was so wrapped up in Indigo Blind that he didn’t notice the car. Which then drove right through him.

M&S Jeans played at having a tea party with Indigo Girl. I know it’s unfair because Starfish is only a baby and child #4 isn’t even here yet, but he’s so my favourite.



I kicked Kari out because she bored me… and then my best babysitter, Limeade, died.

Da Ba Dee finally got her LTW with her sixth conquest…

…who happens to be sister Blu Tack’s husband. This family is so classy.

The boys are always in trouble at school and having to stand in the corner. I hate that punishment is compulsory.

I know what will cheer him up…

Wheee! Someone’s come out to play!

Pillow fight!!!

Indigo Blind’s turn…

…just in time for the boys to age up!

What’s up, Indigo Blind?

“You won’t like this…”


Aw, look. This is adorable. Now you see her…

…now you don’t. Hee.

Starfish is pretty darn ugly though 🙂

I ❤ U.

Look! He’s cuddling thin air!

LOL jk not rly.

This will never get old.

In other news, I’m apparently 6 years old.

Well done on removing the baby before standing in the buggy, Da Ba Dee.

This is Belinda.

So this one might take some explaining. Thinking of indigo things is HARD. But Belinda on How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (The first BBC Andrew Lloyd Webber reality/talent show thing) wore indigo. If any of you understand this reference, well done on being as sad as me.

*Doodles love hearts all over her blog*

“I don’t have a special toy. Does that mean you don’t love me?”

Look at that face. How could I not love you, Starfish?

I have no idea why the maid is the one to age up the baby.

Oh, that’s right, because Da Ba Dee thought having a go at her nephew for lacklustre grades was more important.

Belinda has a special friend too, Indigo Child.

M&S Jeans had a day of feeling naughty so he went and egged a house…

…which happened to belong to Grotbags, the only surviving member of green gen.

Starfish grew up again. Niiiice.

I love that there’s more for children to do in Generations.

Whooop! Ghost story!

Whoop! Bunk beds!

The boys bonded over their love of their imaginary friends.

Love imaginary friends so much.

Why Belinda, you grew up very well.

“Oh Indigo Child, when you grow up I will marry you”.

I sent Starfish away to boarding school – the expensive one (Smuggworths?).

Facebook wanted to go on a date, so I let him… with Kari. She’s expecting another man’s child.

So this is odd. This little kid appeared on the edge of the lot and I hovered over them, and it’s apparently Indigo Child!

“That’s my prince!”

“I love my prince”

Yeah, the date went well…

I want my imaginary friends to become real so the family have been fiercely brewing up potions in the hope we’ll get the magic one. It took me ages to realise they build like skills, so I only really needed one sim to work at it.

Once I did discover this, it became Da Ba Dee’s job to be chained to the chemistry table.

I love all the new bits you get with Generations, even if I don’t think that overall it adds as much to the game as the other EPs did.

Indigo Child came out to play…

…and then my game crashed and I had to replay Belinda’s childhood…

Vroom Vroom!

Dig for rainbow gems like your life depends on it boy!

Generation 7 and we finally get a Mysterious Mr Gnome. He’s called Kaleidoscope.

Oh, hello there teen Belinda! What a fine chin you have (but why must the rest of your face be so pretty?). Why so grumpy?

“Thanks to your lousy game playing, I don’t get my prince”.

Whoops. I forgot to make her play with Indigo Child second time round.

The boys all aged up as well (though Starfish is still at boarding school so you’ll have to wait to see how deliciously ugly he is). Biro Ink was apparently born into the wrong family.

His traits are: Flirty, Neurotic, Photographer’s Eye, Loves the Outdoors and Heavy Sleeper.

His LTW is also Master Romancer, as we can get a point out of him for it before he goes. He began with Indigo Blind…

…in the tent.

M&S Jeans aged up to be a fine figure of a man. His traits: No sense of humour, virtuoso, loner, hot-headed, easily impressed. LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury.

For some reason, he got to graduate and Biro Ink didn’t. I guess he must have done his homework more or skipped school less.

I’ve been disappointed by the lack of ugly in the town lately, so, remembering the gem that was Mozzy Weller in Dayes, I ordered pizza. The pizza guy was boringly face one. In other news, Belinda still resents me.

Da Ba Dee finally learned to make the potions!

Indigo Girl went first.

She is adorable (yes, I did tweak her in Master controller to make her indigo).

Her traits: Good sense of humour, disciplined, neurotic, genius, nurturing (oooh!) and she wants to be a Martial Arts Master.

Indigo Blind’s turn…

She is a loner, technophobe, friendly, clumsy eccentric who wants to do the stylist LTW.

Biro Ink got his second conquest…

…with his cousin’s imaginary friend.

Given that imaginary friends do the stride of pride ALL THE TIME, it’s hard to tell if this is a post woo-hoo response or just her normal toy-self walk.

We ordered a mixologist. We don’t have a bar.

This family are such pervs.

Da Ba Dee actually watched as her son notched up his third conquest. *Shudder*.


Townie watch! This one is Blu Tack’s son.

I think this is Julio’s daughter (Slimer’s granddaughter). She has some potential I guess.

This one belongs to… someone in blue gen.


Townies disappoint me.

These two though, are too adorable for words.

I’ll just ignore her little indiscretion with Biro Ink.

They do present me with a problem though. Indigo Girl is clearly too cute to be an uglacy spouse, and I can’t bear to split them up, so I am placing all my hopes on Starfish when he comes back from boarding school. His portrait photo tells me he should come good but it’s hard to tell unless I see him up close.

Biro Ink got his fourth notch in the city hall…

…and his fifth in the military base. Another point, with no messing.

I got him to propose to Indigo Blind. For some reason, this helped her career progression.

They then ordered stag and hen dos… at the same time, at home, with mostly the same guests.

While the townies were getting raucous, the camera zoomed…

…onto my returning hero. Private school is rubbish, I didn’t get to choose his LTW or traits and though it said he’d get a head start in certain careers, such as medicine, I signed him up only to discover he got to level 2 straight away, and that’s all. He didn’t even get any skills.

Traits: Heavy Sleeper, Over-Emotional, Artistic, Ambitious, Snob. LTW: Stylist (really??).

Look at him though. So precious. The hair the game aged him into is perfect.

Meanwhile, back at the party…

…everyone ignored the strippers…

…everything was in chaos…

…and Belinda continued to be unimpressed.

The bride and groom to-be snuck off for some fun times, and I’m pretty sure there were chimes.

I moved them out and they promptly split up!

Oh well, Indigo Blind will be living on in my entry for Boolprop’s Slice of Life competition, so watch Boolprop or Rad’s Sims Stuff for her progress.

At the party, this townie caught my eye.

However, when I sent Starfish to make his move and got a closer look, I was worried about her age, so I used Master Controller to check. One day from ageing!

So I then cheated and moved her (Ginger) in without delay.

Well, if your town was as deficient in ugly townies (especially women) you’d do the same.

Facebook handily died to make room for Ginger to have twins. With her age, we need multiples, fast.

In case you were wondering, yes she is distantly related to the Knights. Obviously. I forget how, I think she’s Funshine’s grand-daughter or something. She is an artistic, virtuoso, good, kleptomaniac snob who wants to live in the lap of luxury.

“Can I finally leave this hell-hole?”

You certainly can. Your chin had so much potential but look how disappointed you have made me.

Belinda can’t stand art, is excitable, a mooch, a heavy sleeper and disciplined. I can’t remember her LTW (oops).

Hopefully now we can have triplets. Join us next time when we hit a purple patch with violet generation!


Generations +7

LTWs +5 (YAY!)

LTH +1 (Dark)

Skills +1 (Cricket Ball: Martial Arts)

Other things I am giving myself a point for out of desperation +1 (Marcy topping the chess rankings)

Total +15

6. It’s Gonna Be a Blue Day

Oooh, nice labour face you’ve got there Limeade. So, let’s see what gems blue gen has in store for us, shall we?

Dammit Marmite Lid, why do you have to interrupt? Oh. I see.

It made me laugh that Grimmy was doing the ‘can’t move’ wavy wavy dance because the guy he was reaping was in the way.

Oh well, circle of life and all that. Don’t fret, little Facebook here isn’t an only child.

He has a twin brother, Raspberry. I wanted to name him Raspberry Ice Pop or Raspberry Slush but neither would fit. Why DO makers of cheap frozen goods make the raspberry flavoured things blue, anyway?

Quick you two, more babies!

Sssh, blue boy. Mummy and Daddy are busy right now.

We bought a solar panel, although I’ve forgotten to check if the bills went down. Frugal Kellee seems to approve anyway.

Birthday times!

Here’s little Facebook…

…and Raspberry. Why must all toddlers become little whingebabs the moment they age up?

The incest has started. Yusun here is one of Lancashire’s descendants and she’s married to Green X Code.

Erik’s also a descendant (as if the nose didn’t give it away!), though I forget whose grandchild he is. He’s married to Absinthe.

The dead fella is Jeffery, Red Nose Day’s son, who seems to have lived to a ridiculous age.

The death distracted everyone so much that the poor babies both got neglected.

The woman going into labour is Slimer’s wife – and she’s also Jody’s sister. This town is sooooo inbred.

Kellee took her off to hospital…

…whilst Slimer just hung around at our place.

Their son is called Julio!

Grimmy sure does love our games console.

A better shot of the twins (i.e. not crying). Facebook looks more like Jody and Raspberry like Limeade.

Limeade and Jody both wanted to get married but another batch of failed proposals ensued.

Seriously guys, either you want it or you don’t. After another four attempts, I gave up.

Hooray, a baby basket!

Meet Blue Riband…

Blu Tack…

And Da Ba Dee.

Soon enough, all five kids had a birthday. Here’s Da Ba Dee…



Blue Riband…

…and Blu Tack.

Grandma decided it was time to check out.

This little fella is Slimer’s son Julio, by the way. D’aww.

Look at these naughty toddlers.

Don’t tell the Dayes and the Populouses I let them get away with this, will you?

“I hate toddlers”

Oh do shut up…

…because toddlerhood lasts a nonosecond in a speed legacy. Here’s Blu Tack as a child…

…Blue Riband…

…and Da Ba Dee.

And here are my teenage boys, Raspberry…

…and Facebook. So far, Facebook seems to be the ugliest but they’re all somewhat genetically challenged. Interestingly, none of them have rolled up any LTWs yet.

The bedroom currently has one double and three single beds, but apparently the girls don’t like each other enough to share, so I probably need to delete the double and replace it with a couple of singles.

Limeade and Jody are kind of in a band with each other. I say kind of, because they never really play together or get any gigs.

Everything in this house breaks every day.

With the kids all at school, it’s time to scout out potential mates. This one’s got funky hair but is probably a bit too conventional.

This one is a Knight of some sort or another.

And this is Slimer’s little Julio. Far too cute.

Hmmm, probably another relative this one.

Nice… but a teacher, so a bit old for one of my girls.


Overall, I would say I’m a bit disappointed. The ugly townies keep breeding according to the Story Progression pop-ups, but their offspring are decidedly average.

Quick shot of the triplets together. Blue Riband is probably a bit too cute.

Oh look, the girls aged up again. Da Be Dee is the best mixture of both parents – Jody’s face shape with some of Limeade’s features. If she had Jody’s nose, she’d be my number one by a mile.

Blue Riband looks far too much like Limeade…

…as does Blu Tack.

I’m not sure I can decide between these two. I think their YA appearance and potential mates will be the deciding factors.

I sent all the kids out to look for mates, but there wasn’t anyone hanging about…

…except Funshine’s daughter and her invisible husband.

Here he is visible. Now HE is an interesting prospect, albeit a bit old.

The teacher guy turned up eventually and Da Ba Dee started schmoozing him but from some angles he’s actually quite attractive 😦

I love this generation – in fact, Jody and Limeade both rolled up a want for a new baby when the girls turned teen and I was tempted for a second… but resisted.

I forced most of the kids into Jody and Limeade’s excuse for a band, but it hasn’t made much difference.

She’s neither neat nor a perfectionist, yet cleans up the dishes unprompted. ❤

Don’t look away fella, you break it, you can fix it.

Even though no-one’s a celebrity as far as I know, we had a pap turn up. And play our double bass.

Jody had some plasma juice in his inventory for some unknown reason, so I had him drink it but there was no effect other than it filling his hunger bar.

This little girl proved interesting…

…So I sent Facebook over to make friends…

…and he had his birthday.

‘Hooray! I’m now officially a creepy old man. Thanks’.

Here he is as a YA. His traits are: Flirt, Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Inappropriate and Easily Impressed and his LTW is master romancer – woohooing in five places with five different sims. Never done that before but it seems easy…. and fun.

Raspberry aged up (No Sense of Humour, Couch Potato, Absent Minded, Bookworm, Good – what a boring set of traits). He wants to get into politics. I shipped him out, along with Jody, who’s already 32, so way past his sell-by date.

Facebook wasted no time in his first conquest.

More birthdays!

And not one, but two cake fires. Joy.

Blu Tack was set on fire and I honestly thought she might die.

Frankly, it was a miracle we got through with just a few singings.

And then everyone started freaking out that Funshine’s daughter was in labour – which she didn’t seem to cotton onto.